Grassy is a 13-year-old green grass currently dating the ever-so popular Blue Berry. Having a longstanding relationship with the berry, Grassy is very loyal to Blue Berry and cannot bear to be apart from him, though she is quick to take extreme actions to ensure that their romance is alive and well. This makes Grassy one of the more vulnerable kids at school, being very quick to breakdown and very clingy to his loved one.


Pen is a tough ne'er-do-well who takes pleasure in bullying others. Due to his misconduct, he has become the virtual kingpin of detention. He is also incredibly short-tempered, causing his head to explode on several occasions.


A pink eraser who is part of the detention. While he resembles something, he is actually quite brutal.


A red building block who is in part of the detention. He can get angry and attack people sometimes.


A snowball who is a detention student. He was mistaken by Pink Lemony for being female.

Blue Berry

Blue Berry is a berry and the most popular student at the school. Blue Berry is one of the nicest guys around, often investing all his time into charitable deeds and constantly making sure that everyone is happy, even those who can not seem to stand him. A nice guy indeed, or so it seems - secretly, Blue Berry is a potential dictator plotting world domination and the sentencing of all sad individuals to so-called "happy camps" for emotional realignment.


A lot like Masami.