Right Triangle is your average girl. Posting selfies on Instagram, hanging out with her friends, winning prom queen 3 years in a row. Right Triangle, to say the least, is flirtatious. However, she has a secret hidden that will unravel and change the show forever. She used to be very popular until a certain even happened where she lost everything, and everyone. She has kept her secret hidden for years. Will it become known, or stay hidden? She can manipulate just about anyone into doing anything. Every year she wins Prom Queen because she flirts with all the guys into voting her, and compliments all the girls and acts nice to them to get them to vote her. Right Triangle is amazing at what she does, and recently went too far. She started becoming friends with all the girls, and got them to tell Right Triangle who they had a crush on. Right Triangle though it'd be fun to plant seeds of drama. She told all the girls and guys who the girls had crushed on. Fights and arguments broke out for 2 days straight. And Right Triangle acted as a perfect angel, calling everyone giving advice, only making it worse. But one day, someone realized Right Triangle was the only one without a leaked crush, and everyone saw her as a guidance councilor to all the fighting. All the guys and girls told each other Right Triangle told them about all the crushes. Right Triangle received a bunch of hate. Not only did she lose her Prom Queen streak, but she had no friends. For once, she was alone against the world. After HS she bought a car and a house and she loved them. The new queen bee of her old HS decided to get her Plastic Army to shoot paintballs at Right Triangle's car and house. Washing them alone cost a fortune, but some paintballs broke through windows and made stains her her house, or broke vases. Right Triangle counted up the repairs. 80k. She didn't have anywhere near that amount of money. Right Triangle joined the show to pay for all the repairs to her car and house, and have money left over to get back at those girls.


She had a dad who died in Jan. 2017 and many users gave condolences to him. Her dad's name is Left Triangle, some nicknamed him as Cyan Triangle Thing.