Square is a petty girl. She is obsessed with her phone, and especially loves posting photoshopped images with like 12 filters to Fake-agram. She and Right Triangle get along well, and often give each other advise. However, they are like typical Best Friends, getting each other into annoying/terrible situations for fun. Her and Triangle don't get along well, and often fight over which social media is better, but end up getting along over their technology. She is a Hunger Games fanatic. She knows everything. Literally. She was recently arrested for illegally downloading all the Hunger Games movies and uploading them to StalkTube, Stalker, StalkBook and Stalkergram. After 4 years, Square broke free from prison. She changed her name and goes off as the model 'Alice Frederickson'. She needs the shows money to get herself a car, new look, good house, and to bribe and buy off sponsors to get fans.